We Helped Build It!

On Wednesday, May 16th, the planners and team of Planning Solutions Group traded their computers and sophisticated financial planning software for hammers, jack-hammers, table saws, and ditch diggers (or whatever they’re called) to make an impact in the Baltimore community of Brooklyn through Habitat for Humanity. This marks the 2nd year when over 12 members of the firm donated their time to discover skills they didn’t know they had, and to improve and build new homes for deserving families in the area.

You may notice some of the familiar faces of our team working hard toward this great cause and having fun at the same time. We are hopeful that this will remain a tradition within our firm and that our efforts will inspire others to think beyond themselves and give back to the community. We appreciate the support and patience of our clients during this event. We are also grateful for the guidance and hospitality of the team leaders at Habitat for Humanity. These amazing people made sure the day was educational, productive, and safe for everyone in our group.

l to r: Rebecca Hayes, Julie Quinn, Shana Ice, Richard Osikowicz, Christy Baehr

Tim Kvech

Joe Breslin

Don Hannahs


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